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Hey there sista/girlfriend/wandering soul!


How did you get over to this section? Were you like, "who is this lady and how can she help me lose weight, wounds + worries in 90 days or less?" Or did you come on over because you wanted to get to know me? I do the exact same thing. I want to know who I'm looking at and if I can get a feel from the person through just words and pictures, maybe even a few videos.


So, let's dive in, shall we? I'm J Muenz. I'm a Detox Specialist and Holistic Health Coach for Women. I founded Fearful to Fit (the website you're on) where I lead retreats, workshops, classes and private coaching sessions. I hold online detoxes - both seasonal and weight loss oriented, but what I do goes beyond just eating.


I think that's why I'm successful in my private coaching program. It took me a long time to confidently say, better yet know that I can help you. Wherever you are in this present moment, I see you.  I was 25 pounds heavier in 2012, I was miserable. Smiling and laughing my way through the day, but at night the inner sugar zombie came out and I'd walk to get ice cream and cookies after yoga class. I'd say, "no thanks," to friends asking if I wanted to hang out, because I'd rather be myself, stuffing my face with sugar. Even writing that makes me want to cringe.


I firmly believe we go through struggles to help people when we find our way out of the tunnel. 

So there I was, rejecting invites and feeling awful and I was ready for a shake up. I imagined myself twenty years down the road gaining and losing weight and being obsessed with food. The trajectory was not looking so great. I called up a friend and we signed up for Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a school for aspiring health coaches. I didn't know much about it, but something inside told me to trust the process, so off I went.


One year later, I graduated and weighed 25 pounds less and guess what...IT WAS WITHOUT DIETING OR OBSESSING OVER EVERY MORSEL THAT I ATE! The concept was this: holistic health. Take a look at your entire life and find harmony.


My coaching career started shorty after and since that beautiful day of graduation, I've coached hundreds and hundreds of women.

I wanted more....

I craved more....


I wanted to help women with more than just weight loss, I wanted to help women get to the root of their weight loss "WHY CAN'T I" and self sabotages once they reached their desired goal.


So, I attended the International School of Detoxification and learned that the body and mind are basically one  unit. You feed your body crap, the mind sees the self as crap. Low self-esteem = poor choices. Well, that's the shortest version in history, but you see where I'm going.


 Besides coaching, I've taught yoga + barre, led detox workshops and come February 2018, I'm leading the Winter Beauty Detox Retreat in Leavenworth. It will be the third retreat I've led and I can't wait to get offline and be with soul sisters all weekend long! Did I mention you are invited? As long as you're a lady, the doors are open and there's a spot with your name on it.

There is something here for everybody: workshops, online programs, private coaching, classes, retreats, reading the blog, you name it. Have a peeksie and tap to apply for your discovery call below. 



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Sisterly Love,





J Muenz

Founder + CEO




Detox Specialist                                                                                 May 2017

Happiness Life Coach Certification                                                 In Progress (2017)

Women's Fitness Specialist                                                               2016

E-RYT (yoga teacher) via Yoga Alliance                                          2011 - now

Reiki Practitioner Level 1 + 2                                                            2015

Strala Yoga Teacher                                                                              2015

Certified Booty Barre Instructor                                                         2014

Columnist for "Yoga & Your Body" on doyouyoga.com                 2014

Health CoachInstitute for Integrative Nutrition                          2013

Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners          2013

Certified TESL Teacher in Thailand                                                 2009

Bachelor of Arts Communication, W.S.U.                                         2007 

A.A. Communication, Bellevue College                                             2005