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Hey Sister!


Imagine yourself this Fall in cozy sweaters, struttin' your stuff!  You're a model walking down the sidewalk and honoring yourself with each step towards the life of your dream.  You're wearing your favorite feel good outfit, sippin' on a nourishing warm bevy and thinking about all the changes you've made in the last 6 months.


Body fear, NON-EXISTENT!  Because you've done the emotional, physical + soul work.


You know what foods YOUR specific body thrives off of (not what the latest + greatest magazine articles suggest) and you aren't on another diet.


And as you see other beautiful bodies strutting by, you don't even feel that old twinge of hiding because you've come to a solid place of loving the skin you're in down to every cell.


You're not worried about perfection–because it's progress that you're after. You're thoroughly enjoying your toned body + new sisterhood you've found by loving yourself in the most powerful way.


No more comparison. No more self loathing. No more body envy.


Imagine how else your life has enhanced -- finding THE ONE (even if you realize it's you that you've been looking for), the career that pays the bills + makes you want to jump out of bed AND feeling nourished in friendships, near and far.




Does This Sound Like You?

  • Still stuck adding up calories every day?

  • Obsessed with getting the perfect body, rather than working for YOUR perfect body?

  • Stuck at the same 10-20 weight loss goal for years on end, scale doesn't budge regardless of all the dieting?

  • Fearful of transforming into the beautiful, glowing goddess inside that is stuck behind the layer of fat?

  • Trapped in a relationship, career or friendship because you never learned how to set boundaries?

  • Declining holiday parties because you aren't at your goal weight?

  • Suffering from stress and anxiety and feel overwhelmed at the thought of daily activities and social situations?

  • Wishing you could stop starting and stopping projects and find the solution for the last time?

  • Feeling life a failure because of your adult ADD?



I'm J Muenz, Your Guide To A Healthier, More Fit You!

I’m the creator of Fearful to Fit™, a dancer when there's music playing, an empathetic soul and a card lover for all holidays.  My favorite role is empowering you to ditch the diets, the negative emotional criticism, body judgement and finally let go of the 10 to 30 pounds that are keeping you inside your comfort zone.  My clients know what's coming when I say, "This is going to be fun!"

I’m also a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Detox + Fitness Specialist, Writer + Retreat Leader. 


But I Wasn't Always Fearless...


Five years ago I gave up.  I gained 20 pounds for the third time in my life. Another high while enduring a serious low. Another rollercoaster romantic relationship was over.  And after using food as my emotional fill-me-up I was done. Done with dieting. Done with men who didn't respect + cherish me and done with friends who didn't allow me to just be me.  No more limits. No more restrictions. I went wild for a few months, giving myself the freedom to eat anything I wanted and tried not to notice my thighs rubbing together and my face getting puffy.  After my self declared freedom, I was ready for a real transformation - mind, body + soul. I got my life back together, went to Institute for Integrative Nutrition, got serious about honoring my beautiful body just as it was and noticed the weight release.  25 pounds in fact. And it wasn't like a fairy waved her magic wand, I did the work.  I shifted in my mindset toward food, I started eating for energy and nourishment and fuel.  I didn't let the bad boys back into my life and found my soul mate.  I learned how to cook a few simple + delicious meals and found out how to like cooking. Not love. I'm not there yet. Although, I do LOVE baking + smoothie making.  I started coaching women in 2013 and watched them BREAK FREE in 6 months or less. 

I want that for you too!  A fit, fun and colorful life can be yours too! And that is why I created the Break Free Program™!

This Program Is For Women Who:

  • Want to lose 10-30 pounds within 6 months.

  • Want to learn about the foods we need to eat to increase energy, improve digestion + lose weight without the struggle.

  • Need help creating their dream jobs, sisterhood + food life.

  • Yearn for a sisterhood - are feeling isolated and want true connection.


The Foundation Of The Program Is The Break Free Formula™ 

  • Head—Clear the beliefs that are keeping the layer of protection on your body.

  • Heart—Pump life into your cells and soul, so you can create the change from the inside out. 

  • Soul & Sisterhood:  Create a community of women who empower each other to take a stand for the body, and happy lifestyle they deserve. Support is so important to your success!


Here's How We'll Break Free in just 6 Months:


∆ Month One:  Clearing out the junk

  • What story do you keep repeating that you'd like to let go + find new ways to cope?

  • Release your old story & set your short & long term body + mind goals

∆ Month Two:  Body + Emotional Detoxing  through nutrition + herbs

  • Start your detoxing {vegan/animal protein/vegetarian/gluten free recipe guides available}.

  • Say goodbye to extra weight, belly bloat + fatigue 

∆ Month Three:  Food allergies + Detox Support Tools that have nothing to do with food

  • Skin brushing, tongue scraping + all the other woo woo things you hear about!

  • Take time to figure out EXACTLY what kind of self care works for YOU!

∆ Month Four:  Trust the process - move onto phase two of emotional detoxing to NEVER return to dieting!

  • Detoxing is now a daily ritual - let's go deeper!

  • Breathing exercises and yoga poses to release worries, reduce anxiety + improve sleep

∆ Month Five:  Sugar, Carbs and Filling “The Hole” 

  • At this point, we'll be in the maintenance phase + digging deep into cravings

  • How to dig deep and find your WHY (career, spiritual, relationships) + figure out why sugar + carbs have been your BFF

∆ Month Six:  How Self Care really means Self Love

  • Let's talk about mindful eating techniques + how to nourish from within instead of opening up the fridge for the 100th time

  • Positive body psychology exercises

∆ BONUS LESSON #1:  Group support + why it's essential to your success

  • How to hang on to the healthy habits you've acquired without feeling like a homebody

  • Setting yourself up for Sisterhood success + dressing for confidence!

∆ BONUS LESSON #2:  Celebrate Your Results! 

  • Measure your success, celebrate the inches melted and anchor your new belief systems.

  • Graduation day with certificate – you’ve made it through 6 months!

  • True BREAK FREE transformation 


Here's How The Program Works:

  • You'll get 12 exclusive Master Classes & coaching calls with me + your group sisters(call recordings available) - twice a month we will virtually meet.

  • Access to exclusive membership site where you can find guides, downloads, recipes & Master Class replays.

  • Break Free journaling + physical exercises to turn you into a GRADUATE of this Break Free program in just 6 months!


BONUS #1 ($1,500 Value)

  • 1 60 minute Private Coaching Call PER MONTH! So YES! I am thrilled to announce that this is a group + private coaching mastermind program.

  • Adding this to your repertoire will give the edge and help you shift your mindset fast.


BONUS #2 ($1,200 Value)

  • Brand new plant based AND animal protein recipes in our membership site EVERY SINGLE MONTH!


BONUS #3 ($4,000 Value)



Still Not Sure?

  • But I’ve tried everything before, why is this program any different?”

  • “I’ve lost 20 pounds before, I know how to do it, I just don't have the motivation.”

  • “I know what workouts work best for my body, why is your program any different?

  • “I’m so low that I can’t imagine this program helping at all.”

  • “I need a new job before I start anything else.”

  • “I’ve already spent so much money on trying to lose weight, I don’t want to spend anymore without knowing this will work.”

  • “I don’t want to call, I’m too talk about my problems with food - it's the only thing I can control.”




“My life is transformed. My taste buds have changed, I have more energy and mental clarity, and the lack of weight loss caused me to visit my doc and, lo and behold, I have PCOS (which explains a lot). That said, my partner has lost 20 pounds, dropped a full pant size, and now needs a new belt because his old one is too small. Yay for detox solidarity! :) But wait! There’s more! I also have a regular exercise program (that I’ve been actually sticking to), I’ve lost inches, my skin is clearer, and I just generally feel more amazing on a mental and physical level. All this to say....success can take on many forms.”

- Katie Meyer, Ayurvedic Health Counselor


Time Is SO Precious.


If you want to get in shape for summer then act now.  I’m waiting for you on the other end – now get that booty into gear and let’s WORK!

Look, I’ve been there.  Stuckville. In the land of “What should I do next?  How do I really know if this is right for me?”

I’ve gained weight before + freaked out.  I let fear guide me.  I stayed in relationships I should’ve left.  I stayed at jobs that made me hate waking up.  Then something amazing happened, 5 years ago I learned about the relationship between emotions and food.  I quit the jobs + unhealthy relationships and went to school to figure out how to heal from the inside out.  Think of me as your inner guide, a positive Polly if you may, and trust that if you promise to do the work, complete the homework and fully engage during our time together, imagine what life will be like.

Imagine What Life Will Be Like If Nothing Changes.


Imagine You Took This Journey With Me And You Felt Fit, Healthy, Full Of Energy & Confident Next Year.


How Does That Feel?

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I'll be waiting for you...

JJ Muenz