This is how karli lost 17 pounds in less than 8 weeks

Today, I'm talkin' about this extraordinary woman who puts health at the forefront. She follows the advice + suggestions from my programs, sticks with the plan + has massive success.

She trusts in the process.

Here's Karli, a designer for Zumiez, gals gal and all around "YES" to adventure girl. Karli was selected to go on a business trip to China and came home with more than just stories... she came home with stomach problems.

Her digestion was all whacked out and she reached out to me.  After a few messages back and forth, I knew she'd be a great match for the 21 Day Sugar Detox.

Turns out this match was fire.  Karli lost 17 pounds!

Read about her journey to weight loss success below.

How long did it take you to lose weight?

Hi!!!  I would say it took me 8 solid weeks to lose 17.

What were the key factors in your weight loss?

Key factors were completely cutting out sugar (thank you 21 Day Sugar detox)! Even fruit! Just to completely rid all of it from my body. I'm eating fruit again but staying conscious of what types - mainly sticking to berries. I also cut out dairy. Want to get rid of Inflammation in my body because of how much it bothers my rheumatoid arthritis.  I'm introducing things (like berries) back in but I went pretty extreme to just detox for a full 7 weeks.

If you were just starting out, what would you stick with that would bring you long lasting success?

If I was just starting out I would REALLY try to stick with less sugar. I cut out most carbs too which I know turn into sugar which was hard for a few weeks but I eventually got over the cravings hump.

For my arthritis case I'm off dairy completely as best I can too which I noticed made a difference. I'll probably always stay off dairy.  In seeing the visual results of no sugar makes me always want to be off sugar!

Here's Karli with her man in Mexico taken just yesterday!