Have you ever lost your mojo? Here's how to get it back!

If you missed my social media announcement (feels weird writing and saying that in my head), I am 3 months pregnant.  

If you've ever been pregnant, let me remind you of the first 3 months.  Now, I'm a newbie and heard that my experience was not as horrendous as other mama's, but the fatigue that hit me, hit me damn hard.

If pregnancy isn't your thing (you've never been pregnant before), let me describe this to you.

"I will get out of bed and shower....I will get out of bed and shower...I will get out of bed and shower."

2 hours go by.


Okay, we start moving toward the bathroom..."What was I going to do?" Looks in mirror and screams.  Truly frightened by the baggy eyes and droopy lids.  Every picture that is taken during this time ages you 10 years. Takes a picture. Smiles. Thinks, "Okay, I'm looking good today!"

Sees picture. Cries.

I'm only half kidding, or all the way kidding or not kidding at all.  This is not for wussies.

So there I was, solo entrepreneur, running my business, or sort of running my business. Hard to do when all you can think about is sleep.  Then start the worries of what the hell happens when I am really tired and don't have the energy to be my pre-pregnancy self!?  Should I get a full time job? Should I start looking into different careers? How am I going to make any money if I can't get out of bed!?

Here's what you do when your mind plays dirty tricks on you.

  • Stop freaking out.
  • Breathe.
  • Get some water.
  • Drink the water.
  • Talk to someone who knows your value.
  • Let them convince you that you are valuable.
  • Let them tell you how wonderful you are at your job and let them list the reasons why you run your own business.
  • Eat some dinner.
  • Let the creativity flow.
  • Go to bed feeling better.