A small snippet of the Fearful to Fit Girl Program

Today on a discovery call, a potential client told me about her experience in the past.  She said how the person she worked with "over promised + under delivered."  

This is after I was telling my husband that I am proud to under promise + over deliver.  I am not kidding.  I love giving people VALUE + QUALITY over quantity + bullet points I can't deliver.

You are your business card.  You are your word.  What you wear, how you talk, the message you send out should be the same.  If I was preaching to you all about how I ate the same thing every day, woke up at the same time and exercised at 6am, you might believe me and think, "WOW!"

But that's not me.  Every day is different.  I wake up at 6 sometimes, sometimes 7 and if I've stayed up late, I need my beauty sleep - this girl is sleeping 'til 8!  I am all over the place with what time I work out.  You will read articles on successful people + how they follow the same strict routine every day, I beg to differ.  

It's what I talk about with my private clients.  Individualization.  Customization.  No cookie cutter. No one size fits all. No inside the box.  No outside the box. No box.  I love to celebrate what make people really beautiful + unique.

Are you a night owl? Do you love the mornings?  Do you drink alcohol? How much?  Let's try to work that into our nutrition plan.

Do you fear death? Have you been burned by someone you trusted?  Did someone you love pass away?  Do you have problems getting out of bed?  Are you scared when you are alone?

Those are the questions I LOVE TO ASK - you know why?  Because they matter!!

How many weight loss programs have you bought in the past?

I tried Weight Watchers, calorie counting, restrictive eating, over eating, bingeing, journaling, counseling, eat too much + feel like the blueberry lady from Willy Wonka, don't eat enough and feel like a pretzel stick with no energy.

Figuring out why we do what we do is the key + beginning piece to success.  You will have to dig deep to find the connection + by golly, WE WILL!

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