Choosing the right wedding dress

I wanted to have that "OH MY GOD, THIS IS IT" moment.  But it didn't come.  It was more like, Oooooo I like this one!!  But I didn't cry or have that moment until my wedding day.

I wasn't in love with any of the dresses and I was trying not to listen to anyone tell me what brides normally wear.  I didn't care.  I don't care.  I wanted to wear something that felt like me.  I had an idea of how much my wedding dress would cost, but didn't know about the extra charges.

The alterations, jewelry, veil, static guard, spanx, makeup, double stick tape and bra that sticks to your body.  Those are the things I didn't think about and they sure add up.  Finding a dress in your price range is almost impossible, considering all extras included.

Here are a few of the dresses we tried on 2 or 3 months before the wedding.  We (Mama, Sister and me) went from store to store and none of us could make a decision.  There were some we liked and some we laughed at.  At one point, we headed to Goodwill and sent my husband to be a picture of me in an over-sized dress from 1950 and said, "THIS IS IT!"

He didn't respond.

And then we found it.  The whimsical, light + romantic dress.  The one that wasn't too fussy and didn't need too much altering.  This one was so simple, yet classic, sparkly with beautiful buttons running up and down the back.  A little lace, a beautiful deep V and an understated train.

My advice is to find something that feels like you.  And if you have to wedding dress shop on your own - do it!  That way, you are only hearing your opinion, rather than those that love you.  But if I didn't have my Mama with me to make this last decision two weeks before the wedding, I probably would've worn a brown bag. 

When my Mama said, "OHhhhh J, that is so you."  I felt a little butterfly in my stomach and said, "You're right Mama, it feels like a nightgown and it's comfortable!!"

Figure out what matters to you!  IS it shape?  Comfort?  Feel?  Classy?  Sexy?  Formal?  Mermaid?  Forms to your body?  

You will know when you've found out, but shop around and try to spend some time walking around to see how it feels.