3 Tips on how to get stronger this Spring

It's only mid May and summer technically starts June 21st.  So you have about a month to get to work!  Here's what we're going to incorporate into your life to give you a stronger bod this Spring!

1. Push ups.  Tried and true.  These babies will get your full body strong in no time.  Not only are push ups great for your core, they will also get you into the tank tops you've had in your drawers for months.  We have a couple of options with these guys.  Option 1: Elbows in by the ribcage. Option 2: Elbows out.  Try a few of each and work your way up to 20 of each a day.  Do this for a month and I'm telling you, your body will feel and look way stronger!

2. Lunges.  You can do so many things with lunges.  You can stand and step one foot in front or you can do walking lunges.  You could do 10 on each side.  Try holding a lunge pose and throw in a couple of pulses (small lifts up and down).  You can lunge forward, out to the side and add a squat or lunge behind you.  You could do all three.  Work your way up to 50 lunges on each side and go from there.  If you really want to tone your legs and butt for short shorts and swimsuits this summer, this one is a must.

3. Use the stairs.  I'm not talking about using the stairs over the elevator.  I'm saying, go up and down a ton of stairs using single steps, skipping a step, side step or jumping up the steps.  If you are walking up and down the stairs, this workout is extremely effective and low impact which is good for ankle and knee injuries.  The stairs will strengthen your legs and butt and get your heart rate up in no time.  Because it's nicer outside, go outside.  Walk around your neighborhood and find stairs, they are everywhere and begging you to use them!  If you're at the gym, use the stair stepper for 20-30 minutes, OUCH!  But BIG results in a short amount of time!

So there you have it, 3 different tips on how to get your body stronger in one month.  Don't think you don't have time to feel good this Spring.  When you start moving, you will feel better which will cause you to make better choices in the kitchen!!  

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