Planning a Fit Girl Retreat

What does success look like for you?  For me it is freedom while making enough money to pay bills and indulge in a Whole Foods salad without feeling like I just wasted $8.  I had a talk with a girlfriend while we worked out this morning about how I wish I could offer retreats as gifts.

"Enter to win a free retreat."  And that was my life.  Giving retreats for free.

It took me 4 year of teaching yoga, becoming a Holistic Health Coach, certifying in booty barre and creating Fit Girl classes to believe I was "good enough" to have my first Fit Girl Retreat.

When I went with my Sister, the Retreat Planner, yesterday to check out our venue, I thought to myself, "OH MY GOD.  THIS IS IT.  THIS IS MY DREAM."  Escaping to girls-only weekend retreats to encourage fun, good food, memories, laughter and just a damn good time is my idea of freedom.

This is the starting point of the next venture.  I know it.  I can feel it.  This is where it happens.  With the help of my Sister, the logical one, I am now able to make my dreams come true and hopefully give someone that extra oomph to make a life decision that will bring them more freedom, love and clarity for the future.

I was a Cheerleader in high school, because it was a no brainer.  I love cheering people up, rooting people on, being a part of something great, empowering others to keep going and perhaps jumping up and down for a win!

Success is what you make it.  I used to think success was making a ton of money and having a high powered job.  I now realized that making money is awesome, but you don't need the high powered job, the corporate suit, the 9-5, you just need a dream, a plan and a place to start.