3 Ways to stay inspired

It's late afternoon on Sunday in Seattle and I just enjoyed a homemade brunch.  You must eat before you write.  That is step one in staying inspired. 

**Recipe below.

Earlier this morning, one of my best friends came over and we sat on the couch, drank tea and gabbed for almost 3 hours straight.  She is one of the most inspiring, gold hearted humans I have the pleasure of knowing and talking with her inspired me in more ways than one.

  1. Talk with a friend who will bring you up and light your passion fire at least once a week.  Kelly Snyder and I met when we were in kindergarten and we are now at the ripe age of 30, (though I feel 18)!  She is a rare find, a friend who listens, empathizes and offers helpful solutions in a non-judgmental way.  I can talk to her about anything and know that we have a genuine friendship and deep trust and love for each other.  After traveling throughout Asia together in 2009, our friendship took a few spills, (mostly due to my inability to express my frustration of being totally out of my element) and also because she was losing weight as I gained 20 lbs after eating the same noodle dishes 3 times per day!  How annoying!?  haha, just kidding...kind of. ;)  Kelly doesn't even know how special and unique she is, so cheers to my girl who brings me light and joy whenever we are together!

  2. Do something different.  It is too easy to get into a routine or even a rut and think, "Oh my god, I'm not doing anything with my life."  I have this terrible habit of waking up, checking my phone in bed and taking an extra 30 minutes to start my day.  This morning I woke up and said, "NOT TODAY!"  I am sick of being mad at myself for repeating this behavior that leaves my eyes blurry!  I woke up, took a shower, got ready, cleaned my place and made a delicious bowl of oatmeal.  I played some music and got excited for my day.  Change one thing today!  I guarantee that if you give yourself a chance, you'll amaze yourself when you take it!

  3. Schedule your week.  We'll be newbies together.  This is my downfall.  Scheduling.  I think to myself, I would LOVE a task manager and than I counter and say get up girl! Do your thing on your own!  I don't need someone to organize my day!  I can do that on my own.  For example, if you don't like prepping meals on Sunday, do it on a day that works for you!  I choose Monday because I can plan some meals, go to the grocery store when no one else is there and cook when I get home!  That way I'll have enough meals for Monday thru Thursday night and will run out just in time for Friday night date night!  See how that works?  (hint hint to my man)

There are a million other ways to stay inspired, but you've got to find something that works for you!  As a Fitness Instructor, I stay inspired by going to classes, trainings, workshops and talking/practicing with other instructors.  As Qi Gong Instructor Kelly says, "I love learning and never want it to end!"  The BEST teachers are the ones who remain students of life.

Kel and I on our 8 month Asia journey.

Kel and I on our 8 month Asia journey.

Gluten Free Banana Protein Pancake Recipe:

  • 1/2 ripe banana
  • 3 eggs
  • pinch xanthun gum
  • cinnamon
  • dash vanilla
  1. Blend in Magic bullet. Heat pan with coconut oil. Make like pancakes.
  2. I topped mine with sugar free maple syrup and stevia sweetened chocolate chips (sugar free, Lily's brand).