Breathe Grace into your Body

Give yourself some grace.  What do I mean by that?  Give yourself room to make mistakes, to breathe, to decompress.

"Stop trying to fit yourself into places that no longer fit."  Iyanla Vanzant

Find people that are on your team.  The people that root for you and get excited when you tell them that something great just happened.  Run, don't walk to the people who encourage you to go after your dreams, the people who share your good news, (and I don't just mean on Fakebook).

I learned something valuable this past weekend at Oprah's Live the Life You Want Tour.  Elizabeth Gilbert said this statement and it just made sense.  Especially to women.  "Stop using the word balance.  It doesn't exist.  One thing is going to go great and we're going to continue striving for that perfect "balance."  It's one more thing that women say they don't do well.  So stop saying it, stop trying to achieve it and just embrace the fact that you are a beautiful mess."