Hey Girlfriend!


I’m offering this brand new easy to follow program to women all over the country. I work with women who want to lose 5-15 pounds without missing out on summer bbq’s, women suffering from severe fatigue who barely have the energy to crawl out of bed in the morning and women who eat “clean” and have the worst daily stomachaches.


It’s time for you to spend 21 days working on the inside of your beautiful body. A body that you can’t wait to reconnect with…


  • No more perfectly placed clothes to hide your “trouble spots.”
  • No more downing 3 cups of coffee to muster an ounce of energy.
  • No more food restrictions and fear when you go out to eat.


To apply, you must be ready to invest your time, money and heart into the next 21 days. If you want to experience the success my clients have when using this tried and true method, then here’s your chance.





When our 21 days together is over, you’ll have the ultimate confidence as you strut your newly toned hot body Labor Day weekend! A healthy mind and a healthy body!? Girl, you hit the jackpot!


What’s included?


  • The complete rundown on how to make the month of August your bitch…that’s right, say hello to Labor Day in your favorite end of the summer bikini!
  • The best way to start your day a.k.a. weekly Monday Morning LET’S GO GIRL emails written specifically for you by me.
  • We will work together throughout our LIVE interactive coaching sessions to design your best body blueprint, clear your mind of unnecessary worries and doubts.
  • AND we’ll do a few guided meditations throughout the week. That’s right, I’m giving you my expert tips from teaching yoga for the past 6 years. The meditations that put my students into a restful and rejuvenating sleep post reading.


Not only will you receive an entire program, you’ll have access to group support AND LIVE weekly interactive videos.




  • 3 weekly emails will be sent straight to your inbox including the quickest and most effective detox tips for your body and mind. No more searching the web – you will receive and have access to your very own Detox Specialist! (valued at $195)
  • 3 weeks of easy to prepare meals with the shortest shopping list you’ve ever seen (valued at $400) gluten free + vegan or gluten free + animal protein meals available.
  • Group support forum on Facebook (priceless, duh)
  • The entire 21 days is virtual – so no need to leave the house to attend sessions, we’re reaching your goals straight from your hacienda.
  • 3 LIVE Interactive videos on Tuesday nights 7-8PM (valued at $750) Can’t make it? Send your questions and we’ll answer them live!


The entire program is valued at more than $1,790! I am offering it to you... Well, let’s see if this will be a good match…


Who is this program for?


  • Current and new clients. If we finished the Fearful to Fit 90 Day Private coaching program and you’re looking for a refresher – this is it! Plus, you have the unique opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level with a group of supportive women.


  • Women who want to lose 5-10 pounds over the next 21 days. I’ve had clients lose more than 10 pounds due to heavy toxicity! We will see what in your body wants to let go and how clearing out your mind will lead to additional weight loss.


  • It’s for you if you feel like you cannot stomach another diet, count another point or track your food religiously. This uniquely designed program is flexible and we color outside the lines. Perfection is thrown out and progress is met with high fives. This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. This is your jump start program.


  • Supportive, positive women who want to build back their confidence one goal crushed at a time.


But please don’t waste your or my time and sign up if:


  • You aren’t ready. You won’t reach success if you don’t want it for yourself. So please save yourself and don’t start another program if you aren’t committed.
  • You want space to complain and bring others down.
  • You have a victim mindset.


Copy of 7 day series.png


“Glow before you go” and “Tone while you Travel” guides to use for a quick 3 day weight loss aka decrease the inflammation and supa dupa charge the glow or to use while you travel to ensure success on the road (valued at $95).


If you're a local to Seattle/Bellevue/Gig Harbor area, you are invited to attend the Detox Cooking Workshop totally complimentary (valued at $50).


How do you get in to the most exclusive program ever? APPLY HERE NOW by booking your free 15 minute decision making call.


What’s your investment?

for only one single payment of $497 that’s $1,293 in savings! Or make it a no brainer to invest in yourself with 2 easy payments of $297, {one payment due upon sign up and second payment due last day of program}.

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Design Your Best Body Payment Plan

The first payment is due immediately and second payment of $297 is due 30 days later.

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This is only the beginning.


Meet Kristin (the pic above) - she was a 90 day private client who lost 10 pounds within the first 4-6 weeks of working together and we barely talked food! Every local private client has a 3 hour VIP day - this was hers AND Bode man (my son) got to meet her too.


Listen ladies, if I can run a business, be a Mama to a 6 month old, cook meals, make shakes and do the housework crap (I do not like any of it), YOU CAN SUCCEED. Nothing will ever be perfect, but if you are willing to invest in your self care now, the future will open up doors you did not even know existed!


The first 21 days are crucial to your success.


You can stop at the end of 21 days if you’ve reached your goal weight, feel amazing every morning you wake up and have stopped fearing newly developed allergies.


But if you felt like the first 21 days was the best JUMPSTART to your new lifestyle, then stay on board.  I’d like to welcome you into Phase II – an additional 69 days of small group coaching – all virtual. Applications will start when we have 7 days left.


PLUS you’ll have lifetime access to this group – so next time I run it, you’ll be able to chime in and help support other women starting exactly where you were and you’ll tell them about your fabulous results!


dancer pose oac.jpg

Here's what happens after you say YES to Designing your Best Body + Clearing the Clutter...


You'll receive a welcome letter from me within 24-48 hours. I'll invite you into our private Facebook group where we'll be holding the LIVE interactive videos every Tuesday night. In the welcome letter, I'll ask you a few questions and based on your answers I'll send you either a vegan + gluten free or animal protein + gluten free shopping guide + list. It is not comprehensive or crazy, so don't think you need an entire weekend to get ready. 


This program is different than the other detoxes I've done in the past with completely new and fast recipes. I cannot stress this enough, this program does not focus on food. It focuses on emotional health and detoxification. What can I say? I'm a detox specialist.


Either book your free decision making call OR simply, send an email with any questions to J@fearfultofit.com and I'll be happy to respond within 24-48 hours.




I travel a lot for work, will this program be doable if I'm traveling 2 out of the 3 weeks?

Yes! This program definitely has emphasis on the food component, but it's a small piece of the puzzle. Plus, how many times have you eaten "perfectly" only to gain it back once the program is over? This is the exact reason why the recipes and shopping list take up barely any time. The focus is not food for this program.

Are there vegan and gluten free recipes?

YES! I created this program based on how I lost 24 pounds without counting a thing or knowing nutrition facts for everything I ate or drink. 

Why is this program different than other weight loss programs?

Food + fitness are not the focus. Instead, we're working on emotional health and detoxing unhealthy cells throughout your body. This is the component other weight loss and wellness programs miss and why women go from diet to diet. I want you to thrive into a new lifestyle, not just walk away after 3 weeks talking about your 5-10 pound weight loss! 

Is this a group program?

Yes. A very small, intimate group program limited to a maximum of 10 women.


This program is non-refundable.