Hey Girlfriend,


My name is J Muenz and I'm the CEO + Founder of this sisterhood.


I remember feeling so lost, wondering what my purpose was and constantly thinking about the extra 20 pounds I had gained after a break up.


I knew that after a decade of roller coaster dieting and roller coaster dating, that I wanted stability.


I wanted to lose weight, but I really wanted to learn why I kept gaining and losing and couldn't sustain the hours and hours of hard work and dedication. 


But I couldn't do it alone and obviously didn't have the proper knowledge, so I went to Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified to be a Holistic Health Coach.


Then I became a yoga and barre instructor, a Women's Fitness Specialist and became so fascinated with food + emotions that I went to the International School of Regenerative Detoxification in Florida. Today, I'm a proud Certified Detox Specialist.


I've had a great coaching career and have worked with 100's of women on and offline and am leading my THIRD annual sold out retreat in Leavenworth, WA this February.


But my purpose and success started from my own transformation.


I graduated from nutrition and detox school, lost 25 pounds and found my firefighter husband in the grocery store!! I ate a crisp granny smith apple while he asked for my number and I called my mom saying, "I just met someone completely different."


I was at the tail end of studying to be a health coach, started seeing clients and BAM my roller coaster life was finally smoothing out.


As a Libra woman, I am obsessed with finding balance in every situation. I create a calm atmosphere for clients and give 100% attention because that is what you deserve.


I help you connect the dots.


Recently, I had the great honor of showcasing one of my all-time favorite recipes: chocolate mint protein balls on New Day Northwest on King 5 News in Seattle, (pictured above).


I really do believe that fearfulness can be the best catapult to an even bigger and better life and that my friend is how you go from Fearful to Fit.


Wanna keep hanging?...read more of the story here.






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                                                Click the cookie to grab your FREE Guide + Recipes!